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About project

Panonika Regional Competence Center

The Panonika Regional Competence Center (RCK) is a place of excellence in vocational education and training in the sub-sector of agriculture. In addition to its basic activity of vocational education which includes the implementation of work-based learning, it also provides training, further development and performs other activities contributing to the improvement of the quality of vocational education and training and its adjustments to the needs of the economy and the labor market.

The areas of activity:

  • Implementation of vocational programs, adult education and lifelong education, while ensuring accommodation for users
  • Networking of stakeholders in improving education and promoting agricultural occupations
  • Continuous development of regional competencies (RK): programmatic, infrastructural and personnel.

The fundamental features of RCK are innovative teaching methods and innovative learning models, work-based learning for a more effective inclusion of students in the labor market, acceptance of the needs of students with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, vertical mobility for continuing education, teacher excellence, high-quality infrastructure, constructive and creative cooperation with social partners, the public sector, economic entities, universities and other interested institutions of the larger community.

RCK Panonika's mission is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of agriculture by providing knowledge for agriculture based on modern technologies and modern methods of growing, processing and marketing products, increasing the quality of vocational education, adult education and lifelong learning, and providing accommodation for users.

The vision of RCK Panonika is a dynamic modern educational organization, a center for acquiring new knowledge using new technologies and new innovative approaches to learning, a generator of agricultural and food science development through the partnership of all stakeholders.